TL;DR: We built a 2-minute psychological assessment to understand someone's mindset, and used it to create 14 archetypes for our leadership coaching app (iOS). Try it here.

About the science:

Prof. Charles O'Reilly ->

The model we're using is called: OCP (Organizational Culture Profiling) => which measures the norms on individual, team and company level) and here are a few papers that are using it too:

Summaries of the model by our team:

On 14 archetypes:

On company culture:

About the project:

I'm the CTO and Co-Founder of Bunch a startup that's on a mission to help teams work better together by making people & leadership skill training more accessible.

We learned every team member is different and can change depending on the team culture you're currently in. We found a model from Stanford that measures Mindset Norms (psychological dimensions for what you find "good" or aspire to live up to) on individual, team and company level. That model seems to work quite well for us because it allows us to personalize the experience depending on your mindset style, while the model is adaptive over time (you can be in diff. mindsets throughout even just one year, depending on the role you are in and the culture of your team), instead of fixed like personality profiles. We are a team of psychologists, leadership coaches, engineers, designers and marketers and we're a remote team with team members in Berlin, San Diego, NYC, Sao Paulo and more places in the future 🌎

If you're on iOS, try it out for yourself to see which one you are.